• Optical Networking
  • Automation
  • Touch Panel
Optical Networking Division supplies primarily passive optical subcomponents, components, modules and subsystems that can be used in high-speed telecommunication and data communication systems. We design and manufacture the products as well as offer customized solutions based on our customers product specifications. Features of our broad products include optical bandwidth expansion, optical signal amplification, wavelength performance monitoring and protection, optical signal routing, transmission, and reception across optical networks.
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September 23-25
Autonomous Vehicle World Expo 2017
Messe Stuttgart,Germany.
Booth No.AV920
O-Net Automation is the subsidiary company of O-Net Group,we have strong capability in the design and manufacture of automation equipments,especially for e-cigarette industry.


  • E-cigarette Equipment and Component

    E-Liquid Filling & Assembly Machine for Cartomizer and Disposable

    E-liquid Bottle Filling & Assembly Machine

    E-cigarette Heating Coil Production Machine

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Sep 19-21
Inter-Tabac 2014
Touch Pannel Division is a newly eastiblished division in the O-Net Group. We are developing the WaveTouch technology that is different from the tranditional capacitive touchscreen technology. Our WaveTouch technology adopts all-optical and optoelectronic technology as well as single plastic optical waveguide plate to replace ITO sensor units used in the capacitive touchscreen.
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